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Management Profile

UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATION,  has been founded in 2005 by Suat KAÇMAZ, having  more than quarter century exprience in management sytems, surveillance, product certification, testing and calibration, as a legal entity “ UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATION AND SURVEILLANCE SERVICES LTD” and have been performing since then by acquiring the experts on the subject of interest.

UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATION’s aim is to provide an impartial service to its clients. The specifications and competiciences needed to achieve the target is consolidated in the expert staff which have deep knowledge of interest of their expertise.

UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATION, made a merit of  being equipped with “state of the the art” hardware and software to provide its service flawless in the shortest time sequence  and consistent training of its staff  of being fortified with the most update and right information of expertise they have.

UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATION, is monitoring tha latest outcomes and changes in quality field by the top management and staff. The chages are immediately reflected on the certification procedures thus the clients benfit from the newest and the best service available  intime with other equivalents in the world.

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