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Management Profile

UNIVERSAL Certification is founded in 2005 conformity assessment specialist having a cumulative experience in different fields of conformity assessment services.

UNIVERSAL Certification is active in different fields of conformity assessment services in voluntary and regulated fields. UNIVERSAL Certification is a Notified Body for EU Type Examinations (CE marking), an accredited “Type A” Inspection Body, an accredited Management Systems Certification Body, an accredited Product Certification Body, have laboratory services, an accredited Certification Body for Persons.

The laboratory services accreditation is expected to be announced in the following months.

The service for Certification of persons is provided by brother entity Universal Certification and Vocational Qualifications Services Corp.

UNIVERSAL Certification provides all services within the confidentiality and impartiality principles. The main aim is to provide trust-worth, reliable conformity assessment services with the experienced staff. All services provided by UNIVERSAL Certification is aimed to have a globally recognised accreditation. UNIVERSAL Certification is working with the National Accreditation Agency of Turkey (TURKAK), which holds international recognition.

UNIVERSAL Certification, is monitoring the latest developments in the quality field, recent standards and regulations to adopt its services to the most updated standards. UNIVERSAL Certification is providing the most updated services to its clients globally on-time with other global challengers in the world.


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