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Tests are technical evaluations realized using test and analysis methods for the purpose of documentation of compliance of the current condition of a product or plant with the relevant standard and technical specification.

Periodic Control is a control at certain intervals for the purpose of safe operation of the product or facility and prevention of accidents.
Universal Certification provides service as an A-Type Test Institution accredited with TURKAK within the scope of various activities at a very wide range.

Work equipment is defined as “any machine, tool, facility and installation used in performance of the work” in the Regulation on Health and Safety in Utilization of the Work Equipment.
These equipments are classified under 3 main titles as pressurized containers, lifting and conveying equipments and installations.

Some liabilities have been imposed on employers and workers in the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in Utilization of Work Equipment. These are;

Article 5-Genel Liabilities
The Employer takes all necessary precautions for suitability of the work equipment to be used in the work place to the work to be made and to avoid any health and safety harm to be caused by such equipment on the employees.

ANNEX-III Maintenance
Issues Related to Repair and Periodic Controls

1. General Issues
Periodic control, if any, of the work equipment whose periodic control interval and criteria are not set with standards, is made at the intervals and criteria suggested by the manufacturer.

Unless these matters are specified by the manufacturer, the periodic control of the work equipment shall be made at intervals determined according to the results of the risk evaluation to be made in view of factors such as the conditions of the work place environment, frequency of utilization and duration of use.
1.6. The periodic control report is issued as a result of the controls to be held by persons authorized to perform the periodic controls.

The issued documents are kept as long as the work equipment is used.



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