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Training Academy

Universal Certification is sharing its experience on conformity assessment activities with its prorfessional and competent staff. The training activities are held based on requests from the interested bodies constructed for their own expectitons with consideration of international standards and best practices.

Universal is conducting trainings on;

  • Conformity Assessment Standards
    • Management System Standards
    • Inspection
    • Product Certğification Schemes
    • Laboratory Analysis
    • Certification of Persons
  • Accreditation Standards
    • Management Systems Certification (EN ISO7IEC 17021-1)
    • Inspection (EN IS=/IEC 17020)
    • Product Certification (EN ISO/IEC 17065)
    • Testing Laboratories (EN ISO/IEC 17025)
    • Certification of Persons (EN ISO/IEC 17024)

In addiiton to the above topics, Universal have the ability to construct training projects in any topic related to the conformity assessment system, either in voluntary or regulated areas. Please feel free to contact for your training needs.


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