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CE MARK - Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - Construction products

CE Mark - Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - Construction products
The Customs Union treaty that took effect between the European Community and Our Country in 1996 stipulates free circulation of commodities apart from agricultural products. Our country earned a different position compared to other 3rd countries in its relations with the European Community thanks to the Customs Union treaty.

This difference allows full competition to us in our commerce with member countries of the European Community and makes standards of the Union imperative for Turkey in commodity production. In this context, CE mark has been an integral part of production in Turkey.

Products within our scope of Building Materials Directive (305/2011/AB)
• Aggregates
• Steel Building Applications EN 1090-1
• Structural Bolting Sets EN 15048-1 / EN 14399-1
• Hot Rolled Building Steels And Sections EN 10025-1 / 10210-1
• Structural Steel Piping EN 10219-1
• Steel and Steel Castings EN 10340 / En 10343
• Stainless Steels EN 10088-4 / 10088-5
• Aluminum Sections EN 15088
• Welding Disposables EN 13479
• Building Lime EN 459-1
• Stone Plaster EN 998-2
• Bricks And Pumices EN 771
• Asphalt Concrete - Bitumen Mixtures EN 13108-1
• Bitumens and Bituminous Binders
• Bitumen Surface and Plaster Coatings EN 12271/12273
• Building Chemicals and Repair Plasters EN 934-2/EN 1504 Series
• Pigments / EN 12878 Used in Colorization of Cement and Lime-Based Substantial Materials
• Pre-Cast Products

Personnel Protective Equipment ( 89/686/EEC)
• Head Protectors
• General Body Protectors
• Limb Protectors
• Leg and Feet Protectors

CE mark is a legal requirement based on volunteering





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