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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services is one of the member of conformity assessment services that Universal Certification is providing to the market..

The laboratory services is limited to the respiratory system protection equipment and protective coveralls for now. Our laboratory is the first accredited laboratory by TURKAK according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard for this scope in Turkey.



(Please follow  the links with test names to obtain detailed information on the test)

Test Field – Products / Materials to be Tested Test Name Test Method (National, International standards, in house methods)
Personal Protective Equipment – Respiratory System (Masks) Practical Performance Test

EN 149+A1 – 8.4

EN 140+AC – 7.14
Total Inward Leakage Test

EN 149+A1 –

EN 140+AC – 7.13
Flammability Test

EN 149+A1 – 8.6

EN 140+AC – 7.5
Carbondioxide Content of the Inhalation Air

EN 149+A1 – 8.7

EN 140+AC – 7.11
Exhalation Valve, Valve Joint Strength

EN 149+A1 – 8.8

Head Harness - Connector - Valve Strength  EN 140+AC – 7.10, 7.7, 7.8
Breathing Resistance

EN 149+A1 – 8.9

EN 140+AC – 7.12

EN 13274-3

EN 143:2000 + A1:2006

Clogging Test (Dolomite Dust)

EN 149+A1 – 8.10

EN 143:2000 + A1:2006

Penetration of Filter Material Test

Exposure Test

Storage Test

EN 149+A1 – 8.11

EN 13274-7

EN 143:2000 + A1:2006
Exhalation Valve Flow Test

EN 149+A1 – 7.15

EN 140+AC – 7.9
Personal Protective Equipment- Body Protection (Coveralls) Determination of
Inward Leakage of Aerosols of Fine Particles Into Suits
EN ISO 13982-2



In order to get an offer, please sign and stamp the form after filling, scan and send to laboratuvar@universalcert.com address.

Laboratory Services Consider the category

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